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Patreece for Atlanta Public School Board District 6

Campaign Priorities
Protecting our Children

We all know that better schools increase our property value and community. But what you may not know is that current elected officials could care less about our children or our community.  Why are the Southside elected officials being supported by entities on the Northside such as the Buckhead Coalition? Why have Thomasville Heights, Venetian Hill, and Fain schools been dismantled, resulting in educators losing their jobs and leaving our children vulnerable? The answer is because our elected officials have betrayed us! Vote for Patreece Hutcherson because I care about our schools and our communities. Integrity Matters!

Protecting our Educators

My mother, Gracie Hutcherson, was one of 5 teachers that was rehired at Fain Elementary 2019. Every other educator lost their contracts and jobs. That is an atrocity that should have never been allowed to happen. It leaves our children vulnerable and our schools gutted. Many educators will leave the APS system because they are afraid of losing their jobs. This has to stop! I have been a professional school counselor since 2002. I completed my most formative school years in the Atlanta Public School System at M. Agnes Jones Elementary and Booker T. Washington High School. Here, I met my closest group of friends who have remained in my life to this day. The bond we’ve established hasn’t broken as a result of the roots that tied us together in the APS system. My lifelong mentor Lynda Wolfe Smith is a retired teacher from APS. I believe that supported educators make a better city not only because I am a product of this school system, but because I want the best for any child that comes through this school system.

Protecting our Schools

When we have great schools in our community, everyone benefits. Our children excel, our community flourishes, our property value increases. This is what I will strive for in making sure that our educators are supported in order to protect our number one commodity: our children. When our children receive the best, it helps our communities thrive.


I am an Atlanta native. I grew up right here graduating from Booker T. Washington High School. I was involved in many activities including cheerleading, Future Homemakers of America, chorus, and many other things. However, I found my true niche when I joined the Marching 100 band with Mr. Allen Ward, Jr., as well as joining the Black Pearls, an all girl empowerment organization sponsored by Ms. Lynda Wolfe Smith. Being in these two organizations prepared me for my life’s work. While in the band, I embraced leadership, service, and duty. Mr. Ward instilled in us lifelong lessons such as, “To be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late.” Our band received many awards and accolades, but my most memorable moments  included performing with pop star artist Michael Jackson during the opening of the Georgia Dome,  and marching in the 1994 Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans, LA. My teacher at the time and now lifelong mentor, Mrs. Smith, taught us how to properly run an organization with appointed leaders that wrote and instituted a constitution with by-laws. She instilled in us the mindset to become great respected leaders, as well as to carry ourselves with dignity and honor. These are the types of legacies that I will protect for our children and our communities.

Protecting our Property Value

I will stop the dismantling of our schools and our community. When we have great schools it not only helps our children to excel, it also raises our property value. Atlanta Public Schools have always had great leaders and activists that came from its school system. There was never a threat of the dismantling of schools and teachers losing their jobs until now. Educators used to have the support and stability that I will work hard to bring back. I care about protecting our children, our property, and our communities.

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